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Combine hard work, consistency, a knack for “thinking outside the box,” and add a flare for politics, electronic music, and the media. If you're not sure what you get, try thinking of Dean Morin.

Who is Dean Morin?

Born in 1980 to an American father and a French Canadian mother, Dean was raised and schooled in the South Ottawa neighbourhood of Alta Vista. After graduating from St. Patrick's high school, Dean enrolled in the University of Ottawa's communication program.

Upon entering the University of Ottawa, Dean planned to stay long enough to earn his B.A. and leave, but Dean's passion for lifelong learning got the best of him. As it turned out – the University of Ottawa was only the beginning.

After graduating cum laude with a B.A. majoring in communication, Dean decided to continue his education at the University of Ottawa. Only one year after his first B.A., Dean fast-tracked his way to a second degree, graduating magna cum laude with a B.A. majoring in geography.  

After leaving the University of Ottawa, Dean enrolled at Algonquin College where he decided to augment his university education by pursuing a diploma in public relations.

While at Algonquin, Dean's bug for politics finally caught up with him. In the early weeks of his diploma program, Dean ran for the position of first-year public relations class representative. Upon winning the position, Dean set his sights one level higher – applying to become a director for the Algonquin College Students' Association. Shortly after applying, Dean was appointed as a director for the 2004-2005 academic year. Upon his appointment, Dean then ran for the position of vice-president of the association – to which he was successfully elected by Algonquin students.

More recently, in April 2005, Dean successfully beat out over 350,000 other students to win Project Higher – a 33-day “apprentice-style” competition designed to find the 12 most bright, consistent student minds in North America.

In June 2005, Dean graduated from the public relations program at Algonquin College with honours, and was announced as the 2005 winner of Algonquin College's President Rosser Prize. The prize – given annually to one graduating student who demonstrates exceptional leadership, involvement in student activities, and who demonstrates a high grade point average – is one of Algonquin College's top honours.

Outside of academics, Dean has held a multitude of jobs over the years – spanning in scope from retail to management. At one point, Dean even worked as a video game tester for a technology company!

At Opinion Search Inc., a national market research firm, Dean served as a senior monitor where he conducted quality control work on numerous North American market research studies. While working at Opinion Search Inc., Dean established a reputation as one of the company's best instructors for new telephone interviewers. Over the years, Dean has trained in excess of 100 new staff members.

At PCI Geomatics, a Canadian geospatial technology firm, Dean served as a marketing communications specialist where he helped co-author the company's strategic marketing plan with senior management. In his day-to-day duties, Dean was responsible for writing corporate press releases, along with other marketing collateral.

Dean currently resides in South Ottawa where he is continuing his career in the public relations and communications field. As a long-term goal, Dean plans on one day running for city council. In his personal time, Dean enjoys mountain biking, following politics, listening to electronic music, and watching hockey.

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