Friends' Websites

AllOverU Designs
This is Jeff Demers' company. I had the honour of working with Jeff at the Algonquin College Students' Association this year. He does excellent website work if you're looking for a decent site. (

Eva's Website
Eva is one of my old classmates from the University of Ottawa. She is currently in Japan on a teaching contract. Eva writes in detail about her experiences in Japan and it's rather interesting. Check out her site. (

Dave Tudino's personal website. Dave and I have been friends for years. He doesn't update his site often, but I love the design. (

Sites of Interest

Algonquin College
Hands down, this is the best community college out there. OK, I know, my opinion is very biased, but here's the link anyways. (

Algonquin College Students' Association
Guess what? Hands down, this is the best college students' association out there! I still have a great fondness for my former employer. If I had remained at Algonquin for another year, I would have definitely stuck around the Students' Association. (

Metropolis Records
The main supplier of my electronic music. They specialize in industrial music and other forms of music that isn't readily found at your local music store. (

Server North
This Ottawa upstart does the hosting for I get excellent rates and service through Server North. If you're looking for a solid hosting company, I highly recommend Server North. (

VNV Nation
My favourite band! If you haven't heard these guys, you must listen to their stuff. You can get some limited samples on their website, but I'd recommend Metropolis Records (see link above) if you want more samples. (

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