The portfolio section of includes written communications/public relations work and graphic design samples. Please note: the portfolio section is still under construction, but will be completed soon.

In the mean time, feel free to examine some of the already posted portfolio pieces. Some of the pieces below vary from old classroom assignments to actual pieces sent to the media. Check the small description listed next to each piece for more details.

Note for Mac users: These .pdf documents may not appear properly on your computer. I'm aware of the glitch and I'll fix it soon.

News Releases (print)

Algonquin College Students' Association Rejoins College Student Alliance - This is an actual news release that was sent out. It was written by me and discusses the Students' Association's return to the College Student Alliance.

PCI Geomatics - Eduserv Chest Renewal Agreement - This was the first press release I worked on at PCI Geomatics. This press release was sent out to the media.

News Releases (radio)
Algonquin College Students' Association Rejoins College Student Alliance - This is the radio news release version of the same print news release above.

Media Advisories

Algonquin College Receives Its Largest Equipment Donation Ever - This is a basic example of a media advisory I wrote in the public relations program at Algonquin College. 

TV Memos

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Feature Stories

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Advertising Scripts

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Business Correspondence

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Faculty Recognition Awards Speech for Claudine Wilson - I delivered this speech of honour for Claudine Wilson, a winner of one of the Faculty Recognition Awards given out by the Students' Association in 2005. This five-minute speech was delivered in front of a packed room of college officials and students. The speech was written by me.


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Graphic Design & Advertisements

Dean Morin's Vice-Presidential Election Poster - This is my self-designed vice-presidential election poster used in the 2004 Students' Association election.

Newsletters, Guides, and Corporate Documents

Outreach Media Relations Guide - This was a school assignment that was designed to be a joint project in graphic design and written content. The idea was to create a newsletter on media relations from scratch for an imaginary organization. I put together the content for this guide and did the design work as well. This file is 4 megs to download, so if you decide to download it, be prepared to wait a bit.

The Fifteen-Minute Guide to the Media, Interviews, and Public Speaking - I created this guide for the City of Ottawa's public health department. This guide is now given out to people who work in the department's volunteer resources section. It was done as an agency contract earlier this year at Algonquin College.


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Dean Morin In the News

In this sub-section of the portfolio page, I plan to post news items that either I have written, or articles that have been written about me. I'm in the process of compiling information for this section.

Rosser Prize winner bitten by 'political bug'
Thanks to my President Rosser Prize win at Algonquin College, I was featured in the Ottawa Citizen through a story written by Megan Fitzpatrick. This appeared in the City Section, page C5 for Thursday, June 16, 2005.

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