Welcome to the photos section. Here you'll find pictures of me from over the years. Please note these pictures are not portfolio-calibre pictures. In many cases, these photos were taken by friends. To see my own photo work, please see the portfolio section of my website.

Dean Morin main photo

Me posing outside the Dynamic
Earth building in Sudbury.

As you can see, I'm clearly dressed
for mining with a golf shirt, shorts, and sandals! This shot was taken
inside the Dynamic Earth
mine in Sudbury.


Here I am playing around in the
health exhibit at Science North
in Sudbury.


Yours truly and fellow Algonquin Students' Association directors (both past and present) at the opening of the new Algonquin Sports Field. Starting from the top and going clockwise, Jeff Demers, Lonnie Dowdell, Joan Wright, Dean Morin, Genevieve Michaud, Adam Gal, and Michael Barrett. Photo courtesy of Andrew McKelvey of the Algonquin College Public Relations and Communications department.


My girlfriend snapped this shot
of me in November '05 in the
woods near the Mer Bleu bog.

Here's a shot of me taken at my new employer, the Traffic Injury Research Foundation. This was one of many shots taken during a photo shoot for Glue Magazine - where I was interviewed for a story on students who have completed college and university. Photo courtesy of Joanna Gajdicar,


My father and I at Grey Rocks Inn in
Ste. Jovite, Quebec, with Mont
Tremblant in the background.


Dean at Students' Association AGM Dean with family

Me speaking at the Algonquin Students' Association's Annual General Meeting.

Me and some family members. From left to right, Carl Morin, Yolande Greenstein. Dean Morin, and
Dave Greenstein.


Dean at Everest Gala Dean 24th birthday

Here's one from Algonquin College's Bursary Gala. From left to right, Irveen Anand, Students' Association director, Ben Webster, Mt. Everest climber, and Dean Morin.


Me on my 24th birthday.
Dean at old war museum Dean being interviewed

Being all that I can be! This shot was taken at the old Canadian War Museum on its final day of operation.

A shot of me being interviewed moments after being elected vice president of the Algonquin College Students' Association
for 2004-2005.


Dean with an Algonquin Student and Robert Gillet

A shot from Algonquin College's 2004 United Way
Campaign. From left to right, an Algonquin student
speaking with Dean Morin and Robert Gillett, president
of Algonquin College.


Dean convocation 2003 Dean with family convocation 2003

Here's one from the University of Ottawa's 2003 convocation ceremony. Shaking hands with me is Huguette Labelle, chancelor of the University of Ottawa. Next to Dr. Labelle (dressed in pink) is Gilles Patry, president of the University of Ottawa.


My parents and I at the University of Ottawa's 2003 convocation ceremony. From left to right, Carl Morin, Dean Morin, and Sylvianne Morin.

Dean last day of school 2002 Dean with Jimmy Fallon

School's out! This shot was taken on my last day of class in the communications program at the University of Ottawa.

You never know who you'll run into in New York City. Here's one of actor Jimmy Fallon and I at the Hard
Rock Cafe.


Dean profile shot

A profile shot of me taken at Mer Bleu in Ottawa.


Dean preparing for video Dean at mom's 60th birthday

Whoa man! Here I am in preparation for the video shoot of a class documentary called "Raving the Night Away."


Here's a shot from my mother's 60th birthday party. This was taken in the stairwell of the Chateau Laurier.
Dean with friends in Toronto

Some high school friends and I at a hotel in Toronto.
From left to right, Perrin Brennan, Jordan Saucier,
and Dean Morin.


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